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Focusing on natural wellness makes sense at any age, but the benefits are even greater for those of us already experiencing the challenges that accompany getting older. The goal of these pages is to explore learning opportunities that can help us enjoy greater well-being, and at the same time leverage our years of of experience to participate in healing our communities and our world.

Bone Health Resources

As I find myself recovering from a spinal fracture, common for folks of my age, I was delighted to find that the Oteoporosis Canada web site has a wealth of information to meet my needs. Understanding that recovering my strength would require a special nutrition and attention to increasing movement safely, I had a lot of questions. The links below answered a lot of my questions with simple, professional guidance and great suggestions from their community of experienced patients.


Music and Aging Well

I'm sometimes amazed to find that a favorite melody can change both my attitude and my physiology. I can be tired, hurting, and lacking motivation one moment, but when the music starts, I brighten up and my body wants to move with the rythym. I may even want to sing or play along. I don't really need to study the research to know this works. Fortunately, a lot of recent studies within groups that support aging populations have reached the same conclusion, leading to the incorporation of music and music therapy as key components of senior care.

Anti-aging Foods

Although a healthy diet may differ for individuals and geographic locations, some common types of foods stand out. For example the "Mediterranean Diet" is often referenced, because people in that locale often live well to 100 years and beyond. Some of the items on those menus have been reported to possess the ability to activate the body's production of proteins called "sirtuins" which may optimize metabolism for health, and slow the aging of cells. Recently, Sirtuin activating foods have been used in weight loss programs, which include these healthy foods, while restricting calorie intake. However, since many seniors find it difficult to gain or maintain a normal weight, they can also benefit from these highly nutritious foods while consuming a higher amount of calories.


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