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Red Pepper

Scientific Name - Capsicum annuum

Properties - Carminative, stimulant, digestive aid, fever reducer, internal disinfectant, appetite stimulant, tonic

Common Uses - Eating red peppers is believed to be effective for all the following: gas, diarrhea, asthma, toothache, colds, fever, sore throat, hangover, stabilize blood pressure. Peppers can be added to most foods, or applied in a "hot sauce." Capsicin has also been used in a skin cream to reduce the sensation of pain in shingles.

Parts Used - Pod and seeds (contain capsacin, Vitamin C and A, steroidal saponins in seed)

Locating & Handling - Purchase in the spice section of the grocery store, available dried whole, or ground into powder. If starting from seed, grow indoors for 6-8 weeks and set plants out after last frost. They require 14-18 weeks to grow.

Caution - In excessive amounts may cause damage to stomach, intestines, kidneys, etc.

Origin - South America

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