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Scientific Name - Brassica

Properties - Anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulant, digestive aid, laxative, diuretic, rubefacient, irritant, emetic

Common Uses - Powdered seeds can be mixed with water to form a plaster or poultice used on the chest for congestion. The poultice can be applied to other parts of the body to relieve muscle soreness. Olive oil is sometimes used to relieve skin irritation caused by the poultice. In water, it serves as a soothing bath for tired feet. In small amounts, mustard as a condiment may stimulate the appetite and aid digestion. Larger amounts can induce vomiting.

Parts Used - Seeds

Locating & Handling - Buy at grocery store as seeds or prepared mustard. Powdered mustard may be obtained at a health food store.

Caution - Skin irritant. Large amounts taken internally may irritate stomach and intestines and cause vomiting.

Origin - Used in ancient Greece and Rome. Grows wild all over the world.

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